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Birthdate:Aug 7
Location:New York, United States of America

Luscious Individual Zealously Zapped by Indulgence and Erotic Yeses

Perfectly Imperfect Creations by Kassie
Run by [info]allamericanmom

And here!
Crazy Bag Lady Bags by AntiChristie
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Made by a very sweet person who loves me. :D Rest In Peace, love. <3

Yes, I realize they still say Seth and Seth Joseph. I am unable to change them due to the fact that the creator of this is no longer with us, and there is no way in hell I would remove their wonderful work that they suprised me with one morning. It stays!

Things about me, myself and I!

MY breastfeeding ribbons, for how long I have been breastfeeding, cumulatively:

Fistly, I am 26 years old, a Mother, a Leo. I have two little girls, three little boys and lots of little cats. I live in NY. I'm an avid reader, writer, icon-er, crafter. There's not much about me, really, I'm a pretty simple person, though I CAN be complicated at times, but so can everyone, so really...:) I have some tattoos. I like them. I also have a fiance. Screw off.


[info]mrspinkiefloyd and I had a baby.
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LizzieyTish's Dragons

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Stephy is a very active 7 year old. She is now in primary school! Her favorite hobbies right now are counting until she gets bored, singing, spelling words, and watching her favorite TV shows. She enjoys Barney, Dora, Blues Clues, Hi-5, Elmo's World, Sesame Street, and the Upside-Down show. Transformers and Rent are tied for her favorite movies. She also enjoys me reading her Kissy Book, and she likes "reading" it back to me. It's the cutest thing, or so I thought until I saw her "read" it to her brother.


Topher is an amazing 5 year old boy. He's a very quick little runner, getting some of his sister's gene's in there. He's also my ex-husband's spitting image, least I gave him MY blue eyes! He LOVES pancakes, and HOMEMADE waffles. With LOTS of...BLUEBERRY syrup, and some REAL maple syrup and butter. He's got some speech and behavioral issues, but that doesn't stop him from being the sweetest thing evar.

Both of the above graphics made by [info]uniquieheart @ [info]baby_graphix.

Annika Rose

Annika Rose is my sweet little girly baby. She is 3 years old. She is a giant girly, fitting into clothing for ages far higher than hers. She is a living, healthy testament to the power of the bewbjuice. Her favorite activity right now is to steal her sister's hairbrush, and try to get into the nail polish. And eating play-dough. She has a thing with play-dough. >.>

Our family pets!

Hissteria Anne (Terri): Calico kitty, extremely small, and very dainty. Mommy of our older family kittens, and newer mommy to Baby Cloud. 5 years old!

Baby Cloud: Another of Terri's kittens. She's now 2 years old. Baby had a very rough start in life, half the size of her littermates, very sickly looking. Now is blind in one eye. But a very poofy, gorgeous, overly soft calico baby girl.

Fred: Fred came up to us one day, and then went to another family for a year, and now has come home. He is our biggest kitty in the house. He's a long haired black kitty, and part Maine Coon. Very lovey and fluffy and awesome.

Lemon: Came to us with Fred when Freddy returned. Lemon is a redheaded longhaired boy with one green eye and one copper colored eye. He, like Freddy is fixed, but he hasn't realized it. As such, the girls all hate him. -_-

Ada: A previous stray that we catnapped from outside. Black and white, with that black mark over her lip. Yes, this is where her name comes from. She may be one of the sweetest prior-feral I have ever met, barring Fred.

Nommers: SQUEEKYBUTT!!! She was inside of Ada when we catnapped her. :D She's a "Torbie" according to the vet. She had a broken leg once, and had surgery to place a pin. Now she runs kinda funny, and its adorable.

Any and Everything else I want to say!
The above Micky and Minnie blinies were created for me by [info]geminigirl6879 @ [info]baby_graphix.

Made by [info]sebcuta at [info]baby_graphix


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**made for me by [info]faerieflings**

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and I stole some of these from [info]mamiesgoo. uh huh!


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