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lololol forever
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Never too old. HOWEVER!! If you going out trick or treating at 20+ years old means there is no one left at your house to hand out candy (and you're not escorting kids, obviously), then you shouldn't be trick or treating. If you're too cheap to buy some candy for little kids, why should you get free candy? >:[

Also: 16ish+ with no costume. Is it that damned hard to at least take a sheet and be an "old fashioned ghost"? Really?
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Funny thing about today...someone posted a link to a website that shows each of the soldiers/sailors/marines/airmen that have been lost. On a whim, I checked a certain date: June 4th, 2008 to see if 3 certain people were on there as I was unsure of if it was kinda automatic, or someone had to submit their names. That was the day Daniel and I first started to really like each other...and the day the 3 other members of his fire squad were killed in action in Iraq. He was supposed to be with them, but he was pulled from the deployment less than a week before they left. Instead of dying that day, he was with me, talking and falling in love. Were it not for one of those men, the squad leader, Daniel would have been dead with them instead of here with me now. For that, I am forever grateful.

To all three of you:

Sgt. Cody Legg. (This was the man who held my fiance back from deploying.)
Sgt. Shane Duffy.
Spc. Jonathan Emard.

We love you, and every day our children hear something about you, and pray that your souls have found peace. Aco 1-87, forever. You will never be forgotten.
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That would have to be SF_Drama, I think. :-p
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Oh hells yeah. It was an early dinner, but Daniel hadn't liked the Indian Place we were next door to, so on payday he sent me and my book to dinner alone.

And I OM NOM NOM'D every moment of it, all alone with my The Will Of The Empress. :-p


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