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n when i get the chance and money so i can voice post updates. Unless someone loves me enough to do it for me. Lol kidding. Loves you guys. -hugs-
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1: difkalways, you and your family are in my prayers. i can't imagine what you are going through. i would have responded in the asp post but i can't conment it seems. i can' post and read but not comment. hopefully your co mod directs you here. 2: whoever leaked to the secrets community about the very least you could have gotten it right. pdd not straight out autism. jerk. p.s. fuck off.


Nov. 18th, 2007 01:03 am
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Alright guys. I know a LOT of you are going to get cut who don't deserve this shit, and I am really sorry. However after this and this and this, I can't have such an expansive list.

I apologize to everyone I am cutting that shouldnt be. Maybe in time, I can add some back, but right now, I need to lock shit down for my life.

Its not that I don't trust everyone I cut, but if I felt I dont know you THAT well, if you rarely comment, or I can't remember seeing posts from you, you got cut.


For those who were NOT cut, if I continue to have a leak, you very well may be. This is not over yet. If I keep having leaks, this journal will be locked down to about 10-15 people. Seriously.
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All natural minus one tad bit... ).

And there you have it. Linked to from [ profile] naturalbirth as well. That is why this is not f-locked.
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I got up to tigersquash level in Ice Cream Machine!!!

I am proud of me. :)

Now, off to bed with me!
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You guys remember the whole extension Ft. Drum got during the deployment that "just passed" (as in we still have guys overseas who were supposed to be home in february)? We had an extension in Afghanistan and Iraq. My husband was a part of 2nd Brigade, but being in the Aviation part of 2nd brigade, was not one of the extended. However, when I heard this, my heart about stopped, as I know several soldiers personally, who WERE extended.

I just fucking KNEW that we would have causalties from 2nd Brigade, which is the one that got extended. I just fucking knew it. Damnit.

Please, everyone, send your prayers/good wishes/etc to the missing soldiers, and the families of our fallen hero's.

Crossposted to Armywives and my personal journal.
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This is something I saw in a boob community. I want to share it. Obviously, this is not MY family.

Ronald McDonald House asks our family to leave for breastfeeding!

My sister and I are staying in the Ronald McDonald House in Houston because one of her 17 month old twins had to have brain surgery to remove a tumor last week. The RMH has been great and we have felt so blessed to find such a safe and homey place to take care of her other two children and my daughter while we are here for Tobin's recovery.

However yesterday my sister, who is nursing the twins, was asked to stop nursing in the communal area of the Ronald McDonald House and to take it up to her room. She was shocked! After his surgery her son will basically only drink breastmilk and it is the only thing that eases the constant pain and anxiety he feels. She told them that it was illegal, according the Texas state law, to ask a breastfeeding mother to stop nursing in any public or private place. She also tried to explain to them how inconvenient it would be for her to take all her children up 3 floors to their room every time her sick child needs to nurse.

Unfortunately after 30 minutes of arguing, and being threatened with being kicked out, she was in tears and they weren't backing down. So I headed down there to talk to the administrator because I am also nursing my three year old daughter. I even pulled up the state law on my laptop and after a lengthy discussion the administrator acted as if she was going to examine the law so she understood it and move on. I thought that was the end of it.

Today I find out they may be kicking us out of the RMH because we refused to comply with what they call their "interpretation of the law". Their interpretation is that if they provide somewhere else for us to nurse they don't have to let us nurse in public places. Since when do laws get to be personally tailored to an organizations needs?

This is a ridiculous and terrible situation for all of us, I am not sure what else we will do if we can't stay here but we can't just not nurse our children. The Ronald McDonald is such a great resource, why do they have to discriminate against nursing moms?

If you would like to send a letter we would appreciate it. Arlene Whatley is The Executive director of The Holcombe location of the RMH where we are staying and one of the people who Jessica spoke to about this. It is Arlene that seems to be making the decision here. Her email is and her phone is (713) 795-3570.

This message may also be shared and reposted. Thank you all for your support.

Read the full thread @ Mothering:
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OMG! XIGGY I LOVE YOU! she made me all these icons.
and do youknow HOW i have them all? becasue xiggy got me two months of a paid account. OMG I LOVE YOU XIG! that's all for ow. i gtg. not sure how much time i have left. cousin got my grandmother in the shittiest mood, and now she has decided to scream at everyone.


Dec. 4th, 2003 05:53 pm
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he is finally asleep, so i am taking a couple minutes out of my busy day to talk to you nutty people...:-P! Not too long, cuz my hands are friggin cold, and my head hurts pretty badly. see, i am used to getting up around 10 30 - 11 00, but for the past couple days i have had to get up around 7 00. so my head is pounding basically. and i just KNOW that the baby will decide not to sleep tonight until late, so i get no sleep whatsoever. *sighs*. well, anyway, like i said earlier SETH IS A MODEL! baby will be famous! (let me dream!) :) well, enough. tired. typing is sad. think i will do play a game...
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