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New friends only banner! *yay*

This section is where I will post my STALKER BITCHES for the world to see, public. And no, I don't care how you feel about it.

DAMN [ profile] adina77 how about you ride my dick a little harder, bitch.
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I thought you don't play childish games, you a real woman, you don't want nothing to do with me. Does my dick taste that good you still sucking it almost 6 years later, bitch??? DAMNNNNN.

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*waves* HI, THUMBSUPMELANIE!!! Cute how you changed your name, but your note there gave you away. Good try, though! :D :D Name changed AGAIN to [ profile] chickenkickers. Funnily enough, she also changed her userpic at the same time. Looks like she's trying to hide from the people who finally saw her for the shitbag bitch she is!!

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Lol it was only a matter of time, hm?

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Again, [ profile] qweerdo? Also: LOL!! I though *I* was the one supposed to be stalking Christine, and yet, she's the one here looking at MY journal. Hmmmmm. I can bet you she cannot supply the same :proof: that I'm supposed to be looking at her journal and "stalking" her. SO MUCH FOR THAT. LOL! Edit: For the record, her name is in purple, and thus a "visited link" from back when we were friends. I have yet to clear cookies or history, because I am fucking lazy like that. Just putting that out there before someone is all "OMG BUT LOOK YOU DO STALK HER. OBVIOUSLY!"

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Again, Thumbsupqweerdosass? Damn, gurl. You should see someone for that Priapism. I'm sure they make something for that.

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Oh, what's wrong, Rissa? Need your fill of "trainwreck", didja? Go on back to whatever bridge you've been hiding under lately. I don't need you around here.

For someone who complains that I "stalk" her journal for shit to spread about her, looks like she's the one doing it to me. BIG SURPRISE. Fucking drama pity-meeeeeeee whore.

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Well hello you autistic-child-bashing, transphobic, slut shaming little bitch. How you doing? XD XD XD XD

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Thumbsupmelanie/focuswithphotos/whatever you want to rename yourself this week: Get. Over. Me. Pretty soon Imma have to make you your own damned post.

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I knew it had been a while.

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You really just CAN NOT get enough of me can you [ profile] qweerdo?
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