Aug. 24th, 2009

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--- carizma wrote:
> Oh stop whining you crazy ass. I'm sorry you need to post out conversation just so you can get people to aww you so you can feel better about yourself but face it. You have already screwed your children. Up for life. Let's just hope when you're sons are old enough to search the web they don't look you up and see your disgusting porn with your legs spread for the world to see. Trust me, that's enough to turn anyone gay. Have a good one :) I'm sure someone else will come along posting links of your lame drama about me.

Son, hunny, son. I have one son that I birthed. Two daughter's though!!

Have fun refusing to accept a child who is different from your norm. :)

I will console myself knowing that my beautiful children will grow up to be a much better person than you could ever be.

--- carizma wrote:
> No actually you birthed two boys . For you to think he is a girl just because you think he feels that way mentally is just not right. He has a penis therefore he surely is a male. Even if mentally he is this female. You for sure birthed a boy. Check his birth certificate. If he wants to change his penis to a vagina when he's 18 that's his choice but for you to gave birth to a boy not a girl. Mentally or not.

So I responded with:

Hey, go make a post in Transgender, I dare you. Say this to an adult trans person who is pre-op. I FUCKING DARE YOUUUUUUUU. Oh wait, you won't. You don't have the balls to say this to an adult. You feel its ok to bash a 6 year old little GIRL though, because you have nothing better in your life.

You are a sad, ignorant, unaccepting individual, and for that, I pity you. :(

--- carizma wrote:
> It's not him I'm saying it to. It's you. You are not realizing yes HE may be a girl on the inside but honestly on the out, right now he's a little boy. I have trabsgenered friends, gay and lesbian friends. That's beyond the point. They even admit hey yes I was a boy, but now I am a girl. Mentally your son is a girl. Physically he is a boy . That's not Rocket science. It's fact. And you can say I'm ignorant youpity me blah blah blah. Honestly , I pity you. You're the one whose shit is on total blast on the Internet for let's face it, being a pretty shitty mom. I'm not the one who had her kids taken away, nor am I the one who's tits and ass are being whored all over the world to see. Your child is fine, he has nothing to worry about. Today he may be a girl tomorrow maybe gi Joe. Who knows, he's six. It's you you need to worry about. Focus on being a mother, making your kids life worth while. Not trying to make your Internet blasé famous. You've defeated that.


Oh, hunny, no. Just stop while you're...not ahead.

--- carizma wrote:
> Take your own advice.


Sweetheart, no. I'm not the one flipping my shit at a woman, and her child, whom I know relatively little about, aside from some bits and pieces you think you know from years old drama that wasn't even truly reported. My child says she is a girl, then she is a girl. And guess what? You don't get to change that, nor do you get to decide otherwise. You don't get to say she's wrong, or that I'm wrong, or that our family is wrong. I know it bothers you that Stephanie gets to change her world, and no one is stopping her. I know you feel hurt, upset, and stupid because a 6 year old knows herself and her world, and feels better about herself than you could ever feel about yourself.

I'm sorry for you, and for your family. You need help, really you do. Anyone who attacks a child's personal, very personal in fact, choices in the fashion in which you have...needs serious psychiatric help. I'll keep you in my well-wishes that you find the help and happiness you seem to so desperately need. :(


See you're getting it all wrong. And please, stop calling me sweetheart. I in no way like you. You're ignorant, arrogant and idiotic. You're disgusting and trash. You have no value, so please, do not call me sweet heart. I'm not attack your son. He is what he is. It's you that can't face the fact that he is a boy. Mentally a girl sure, but he is a boy. He has a penis. Check his birth certificate. If he wants to be a girl FINE. But, you birthed two boys.

Don't feel sorry for me. I'm fine. My children are well taken care of, they're happy about who they are and knowledgeable and not at all prejudice.

i'm sure your son/daughter is a happy little kid. He faces a world of hate and challenge. Be prepared for that. But you need to realize the truth. May he think in his mind he's a girl (and you're turning him into a girl or whatever you're condoning him to do or let him be whatever) he was born a boy. Can you not admit that? Because if you can't, i think you're the one who wanted him to be a girl, and not a boy.

mememmemememLIZZIEY BITCHES:
Oh, sweetheart, no no no no no. I'm sorry you are so ignorant as to the development of transgender children. I hope, for all the world, that your children never face something like this, never had to tell you they are in some way atypical. I fear the response they would get from you, sweetheart. I really do.

I'm just so sorry for you. :( :(

I have some wonderful ladies on my list now, some new girls (girls, introduce yourselves!!!) who I'm sure will love to read this when they wake up. Holy hell, some people, I just don't understand. :(


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